Double Chin

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A double chin can undermine your confidence in your appearance. Unfortunately, fat under the chin is stubborn and persistent despite efforts to reduce it, such as exercise and dietary changes. Even when someone loses weight, a double chin often remains. There are now non-surgical options to reduce the appearance of a double chin, such as injections of KYBELLA™, at our clinics in Houston and Katy, Texas.

To learn more about ways to get a more refined chin without invasive procedures such as liposuction, request a consultation online at our Houston or Katy cosmetic center, or call our office at (713) 850-0240.


The best treatment to reduce a double chin depends on the skin's condition and the reason for its appearance. Fat under the chin (submental fat) is the most common reason someone gets a double chin. Fat sometimes accumulates in that area as you age, but even younger men and women may be genetically predisposed to developing double chins. If sagging skin leads to the appearance of a double chin, then skin tightening treatments are likely appropriate. Here are our treatment options:

  • KYBELLA™ injections are the first and only non-surgical treatment approved by the FDA to reduce fat under the chin. We are among the first in the Houston and Katy area to offer KYBELLA.
  • Thermage® treatments tighten skin on the neck using radiofrequency energy to immediately firm up existing collagen and stimulate new collagen production.
  • Ultherapy® uses ultrasound waves to deliver energy deep into the skin to tighten the jowls and contour under the chin.

During your consultation, we will help you determine which treatment will best help you achieve your desired improvements.

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