Leg & Spider Veins

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Spider veins are the reddish, purplish, or bluish veins on the legs that can make many women feel self-conscious and avoid wearing shorts or skirts. These unsightly veins are usually the result of a genetic predisposition, pregnancy, weight gain, and certain lifestyle factors, like prolonged standing or sitting. Contrary to what some people have heard, they are not caused by crossing the legs while sitting.

To find out more about treatments for leg and spider veins in Houston and Katy, Texas, request a consultation online at our Cosmetic Center or call our office at (713) 850-0240.


The skin specialists at Suzanne Bruce and Associates offer the following leg and spider vein treatment options:

  • Sclerotherapy is a tried-and-true vein treatment method. Our experienced staff of medical professionals have provided almost 2,000 treatments with sclerotherapy for our Houston and Katy, Texas, patients. During this simple office procedure, a chemical is injected into the vein to irritate the cells lining the vein. The whole vein eventually collapses, shrinks, and is absorbed by the body.
  • Laser treatments effectively treat small and large spider veins and the bluish-green feeder veins. Lasers use light energy, which is absorbed by the hemoglobin in blood. The light energy is converted to heat, which damages the cells lining the vein to the point that the vein shrinks up and disappears.


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Our practitioners will discuss with you which treatment or treatment combination is best for your condition. The average patient requires several sessions, spaced 1 month apart, to treat all the veins.

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