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Get Rid of Cellulite With These 6 Treatment Options

Cellulite In Women

Do you have stubborn cellulite that just won’t go away? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. While living with cellulite can be annoying, there are treatment options available to help you get rid of your cellulite and achieve your best skin yet. Therefore, we have gathered some important information on what cellulite is, how it’s formed, plus treatment options all in one place! 

What is Cellulite?

Cellulite is a condition that causes the skin to look dimpled, bumpy, or even resembling an orange peel and is caused by the structural changes of fat cells and connective tissues residing beneath the skin’s surface. 

How is Cellulite Formed?

Many people believe that cellulite is the result of weight gain. This harmless condition occurs when body fat deep within the tissue begins to push against the connective tissue that surrounds it. The pressure forces the fat against the top layers of tissue and creates the ‘cottage cheese’ look. 

Regardless of weight, body fat, and percentage level — you have fat cells that store energy. The fat cells are inside compartments made up of fibrous cords called septae that connect to your skin muscles. 

When fat cells are small — generally earlier in life, they fit nicely inside their compartments. But over time, these compartments become crowded. This causes the septae to pull down on the skin as the expanding fat cells push upward. This leads to an uneven surface of cellulite. 

How Cellulite Is Formed


Essentially, the structure of your overlying skin and the underlying connective tissue will determine which areas of your body appear smooth and which have the rippled appearance of cellulite. Some people are more predisposed to it than others. However, the amount of cellulite an individual is exposed to will depend on genes, body fat percentage, and age. 


6 Treatment Options for Cellulite

While cellulite isn’t a medical problem, most people prefer to get rid of their cellulite trouble spots. The good news is that you have options. Treatment options range from simple, non-invasive methods to invasive methods that tackle more severe cellulite. Read on to learn 6 treatment options to consider for your cellulite. 


1. Creams and Lotions

Research has found that certain creams and lotions are effective at treating cellulite. Cellulite products that contain caffeine may dehydrate the cells, diminishing the appearance of cellulite.

Additionally, products containing .3% retinol can also have a positive effect on cellulite. This is because retinol may help thicken skin, which can also reduce the appearance of cellulite. 

The key to using creams and lotions is to be consistent. For the best results, it’s important to apply the products every day. If you’re using a product for the first time, always test it on the skin first by putting it on a small area first to ensure you are not allergic. If a product does irritate your skin, be sure to visit a dermatologist who can determine the cause of the reaction.


2. Cryolipolysis 

Commonly referred to as fat freezing or CoolSculpting, this is a non-surgical fat reduction procedure that uses cold temperature to reduce fat deposits in certain areas of the body.

CoolSculpting LogoEssentially the procedure is designed to reduce localized fat deposits or bulges that don’t respond well to diet and exercise. Once the fat cells are frozen, the cells rupture and the contents within the fat cells are absorbed.

Since this procedure reduces fat cells beneath the skin, it’s a great option for those who want to reduce the appearance of cellulite. You can expect results to last at least 6 months after treatment. 


3. Radiofrequency

Another option to help get rid of cellulite is through combined infrared and radiofrequency energies, like VelaShape. This is a type of cellulite treatment get rids of the cellulite by shrinking fatty tissues and uses vacuum and mechanical massage to even out the skin and reveal a smoother, tighter figure.

VelaShape Logo

Many people like this option because it reduces cellulite, takes inches of the area being treated and enhances other body shaping treatments like liposuction, CoolSculpting® and CoolTone®.

For the best results, VelaShape is recommended in a series of 3 spaced out every other week and can be combined with other body contouring treatments.


4. Acoustic Wave Therapy

Also known as Shock Wave treatment, acoustic wave therapy was developed to reduce cellulite. This procedure uses pressure waves that impact fibrous septae and the projection of fat in the lower dermis. 

Ultimately, acoustic wave therapy produces a pressure wave that passes through skin and fat, which affects the fibrous septae. It then breaks up the collagen of the septae and releases the skin, leading to a smoother skin appearance. It’s important to note that several sessions are needed in order to effectively reduce the appearance of cellulite.


5. Laser Treatment

Laser cellulite reduction can be an effective way for individuals to greatly diminish the appearance of cellulite. Cellulaze is the FDA-approved laser treatment and is a minimally invasive treatment that uses a tiny probe. The probe is inserted just beneath the skin that causes the appearance of cellulite.

Cellulaze works to break up the bands under the skin that makes cellulite noticeable. It also thickens skin, which is helpful in decreasing the appearance of cellulite as skin generally thins when cellulite forms. What’s even better is that some patients are seeing results that last a year or longer.


6. QWO 

Super excited about this treatment as it’s the newest to the market and the first of its kind as an option for getting rid of cellulite! QWO (collagenase clostridium histolyticum-aaes) is an injectable treatment option for cellulite approved by the FDA releasing in the first half of 2021. This treatment is designed to destroy fibrous septae that lead to cellulite. 

How QWO works

QWO contains proteinases — an enzyme that works like bleach. It breaks down old collagen particles and helps make new ones where your cellulite dimples exist. The breakdown of collagen leads to skin that is visibly smoother and a potential reduction of cellulite. This treatment is best for individuals with moderate to severe cellulite and is expected to last up to 3 years according to the FDA. 

Dr. Bruce with Qwo plaque.

Stay tuned SBA Dermatology will be one of the first practices in the Houston, TX area to be offering this cornerstone treatment!

If want to get rid of your cellulite, there are treatment options that may provide you with the right solution. If you’re considering moving forward with treatment, be sure to discuss your skin concerns with a dermatologist who can guide you on the best course of action for effective treatment. 

If you have questions about your cellulite or are interested in a cellulite solution please give us a call at 713.850.0240. Also, follow us on Facebook and Instagram!

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