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New Hair Loss Treatment (PRP)

Hair loss is one of the most common and distressing cosmetic issues for our male and female patients. For those looking to reverse hair loss, Platelets Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy is a great option.

PRP Hair Loss Treatment is a non-surgical cosmetic procedure that involves injecting your own plasma into the thinning areas of your scalp.

The procedure involves drawing a small amount of your blood and spinning it down to create a concentrated source of injectable platelets. Your platelets contain numerous growth factors that help stimulate the growth of your hair and reduce the effects of thinning.


This treatment consist of an initial 3 treatments spaced 4 weeks apart, and requires long term maintenance. Maintenance treatments should be scheduled (1) every 6 months.This treatment is not recommended if you have more than 50% hair loss.


You can get even better results from your PRP injections if you combine them with other proven hair growth treatments. Our hair care package includes supplements, an at home red light laser system, and a topical kit that complement your treatment by encouraging hair growth through different pathways while helping prevent further hair loss. This kit consists of:

  • Viviscal® is a proprietary marine complex AminoMar. based supplement with over 25 years of research proving it to be effective for helping hair grow thicker, healthier and fuller ($60/ 30 day supply).
  • iGrow is a red light laser built into a helmet that is designed for home use. It helps grow hair and prevent further loss ($695).
  • Qilib by Galderma is a topical spray kit that contains minoxidil and botanical ingredients to help improve androgenetic hair loss ($46/ 30 day supply).
  • Qilib supplements contain 5,000mcg of Biotin to further help your body’s natural process for strengthening and encouraging hair growth ($17/ 90 day supply).

We have packaged these 4 items together with a special price of $695 (reg. $812). These items can also be purchased individually at full price.

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