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Instantly Lift Cheeks with Sillouhette InstaLift™!

Instantly Lift Cheeks with Sillouhette InstaLift™!
By Suzanne Bruce & Associates

Silhouette InstaLift is the newest and most exciting treatment that is sweeping the nation’s top cosmetic dermatologist’s offices this December. This procedure is designed to lift the deeper layers of facial skin in a short, non-invasive treatment that ultimately helps stimulate your own collagen for longer lasting results. It does this with the use of dissolving sutures and tiny cones made of Poly Lactic Acid (PLLA). Each suture has bidirectional cones (one set of cones point on way and another points the opposite way) that once inserted allow the dermatologist to reposition the deeper tissue onto the cones, thus providing re-contouring and lift. The PLLA then helps stimulate fibroblast activity, which basically means new collagen growth that then continues over the next 18 months. Instalift is a low to no downtime procedure that can instantly give you results!

Here is how the procedure takes place. First, we mark vectors on your face around your nasolabial fold and jowl. This basically means we are creating a map which shows us visually the areas that we are targeting to lift. Then, the areas where the needle will go in and out of are prepped and numbed with a small shot of lidocaine. This helps make the procedure more comfortable and pain-free. The InstaLift sutures are then inserted under the skin in the direction of vectors that will lift the tissue into the desired position. The excess suture material is then trimmed off the edge so nothing sticks out of the skin. As collages starts to build the sutures are then naturally absorbed, leaving a new structure of collagen that will continue to lift the skin.

Instalift Cones-01

While we do see an instant change, over the next 2-4 months the outcome will only get better with the building collagen. Recently I treated Dr. Suzanne Bruce, and she is loving her results! Silhouette InstaLift can be an amazing procedure on its own, but we can really give you jaw dropping results when combined with fillers, toxins or resurfacing. Come in for a free consult to see if you may be a good candidate.

7 Responses to Instantly Lift Cheeks with Sillouhette InstaLift™!

    • Suzanne Bruce & Associates says:

      Hi! The appointment only takes approximately an hour and the price is very dependent on the number of sutures. The best way to give you an accurate price is to have you come in for a consultation. One of our aesthetic consultants will be contacting you to help with any addition questions you may have.

    • Suzanne Bruce & Associates says:

      Wonderful! We will have an aesthetic consultant follow up with you. She will be able to answer any questions you may have and set up a consultation as well.

    • Suzanne Bruce & Associates says:

      The cost of Instalift is very individualized since it depends on the number of sutures you may need. The best way to get a better idea is to come in for a consultation with one of our doctors. An aesthetic consultant will follow up with you.

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