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We all remember going through that phase of wanting to get that golden tan.  It felt so good to feel the warm sun on our skin and it was even better to look in the mirror and see our rosy cheeks and pretty glow. Unfortunately, our love affair with the sun is something that does not go unpunished.  Hopefully by now, most of us have heard about the ugly reality behind that golden tan. Skin cancer is a ‘hot’ topic, especially during the summer: it’s on TV, talked about on the radio, and if you have ever visited our dermatology office in Houston, I am pretty certain you have had the “SPF-talk” with one of us. However, here are some facts you may be a little less familiar with*:

  • One person dies of melanoma every hour.
  • 3.5 Million skin cancers in 2 Million people are diagnosed annually in the USA.
  • Each year there are more new cases of skin cancer than the combined incidence of cancers of the breast, prostate, lung and colon.
  • One in five Americans will develop skin cancer in the course of a lifetime.
  • One in 55 people will be diagnosed with melanoma during their lifetime.
  • Melanoma is the 5th most common cancer in males and 6th most common in females.

Startling right? I think it’s also important to mention that skin cancer is not the only possible outcome of sun damage. It also breaks down fibers in our skin called elastin and collagen, leading to skin that sags, stretches, and loses its ability to heal properly.  You may also experience wrinkles, enlarged pores, and even hyperpigmentation and brown spots. Is the healthy glow really worth all of this?

Skin cancer is mostly preventable and aging can be delayed. All you have to do…is wear sunscreen every day. This will help protect you from incidental sun damage such as walking down the street, driving in your car or even going in and out of the grocery store.Advanced Medical Dermatology Treatment in Houston, TXWe recently came across an article that showed a male who had been a truck driver for 28 years. Can you guess which side of his face was by the window?

His right side literally looks 10 years younger! So, don’t forget that SPF, you’ll look younger and healthier. We also we recommend yearly skin cancer screenings apart from your SPF because, like with all cancers, early detection is key!

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