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“Pink Out” at SBA!

September was Komen Month at SBA. As many of you saw, we were in full “pink out” mode. This year we decided to challenge our staff by not only setting our fundraising goal at $1,000 to match Suzanne Bruce & Associates Company donation, but we made things even more interesting. We divided our staff up into 5 teams and gave each team a week to fundraise as much as they could. The winning team would receive a celebratory catered lunch.

With the announcement of the goal and the placement of the teams, strategies began forming immediately. Team game plans became a secret, needless to say, “It was on.”  In addition to the money the teams were raising, we also offered “Jean Friday Days.” On Friday’s, with a donation of $3, staff members were able to wear to jeans and “pink out” with pink accessories.

Each week it was a delight to see what each team revealed as their strategy. From bake sales to raffles, it was a very exciting and scrumptious month. It was cool to see what some of the amazing prizes we were able to have donated for our fundraising event. We had everything from skincare products to body contouring treatments to massages. It was incredible to see the generosity of time and commodities everyone was willing to give for such a great cause.

Beyond that, it was a blessing to see the kindness of our patients. For many of our bake sales, donations were only a $1, but to see patients throw in $5’s or $10’s was heartwarming. It was great that we could come together and raise money for such a great cause. (Plus, it didn’t hurt that treats were pretty delicious)

We wrapped our Komen Month, the Friday before the annual Susan G. Komen walk on October, 6, 2012. We had over 65 staff and family members participate in the race this year. It was overwhelming to see the amount of support Houstonians have to the Komen Foundation and Breast Cancer Awareness, we were delighted and honored to be able to participate.

We are happy to announce that, Suzanne Bruce and Associates was able to raise over $6,700 for Komen foundation. We were able to surpass our goal of $1,000 nearly 6 times and we have most of you, our gracious patients to thank. Thank You!

We want to take the additional opportunity to give mention those in particular who we were walking for. They are the mothers, sisters, grandmothers, aunts and friends of our staff members who have been impacted by this disease: 

Isabelino Agosto • Janice Banks • Windsor Bell-Wimbish • Tita Canas • Cecilia Charles • Tula Grote • Pam LaRue • Emilie Krupski • Gert Krupski • Lidia Moreno • Carolyn Sanders • Deborah Sopher • Patty Taylor • Iris Vasconez • Beverly D. Webb • Ruby F. Webb

Thank you again for your continued support!

-Suzanne Bruce & Associates

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