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Tick, Tock. Aging is here, and that’s a fact.

You woke up today, went to wash your face and thought: “were these wrinkles and spots always here?…” It’s a question you know the answer to. You just don’t want to admit it. Yes, you’re getting older. Life comes with a cost: wrinkles, folds, spots, skin damage and even some sagging. You knew there would be a tradeoff, but did it have to come this early?!

Over the years we have come to learn that aging is the result of a combination of factors. One of those is your facial fat pads. The face has multiple little fat pads that over the years start to separate, leaving folds under the eyes and around the mouth. Collagen is another; collagen is the fibrous structure that helps give skin its bounce. Over the years, this structure is worn down by free-radicals, sun damage and gravity: leaving you with wrinkles, enlarged pores and/or sagging skin. Combine these two factors with your body’s tendency to slow its inner workings as you age and, voilá, your skin doesn’t repair itself as quickly, it doesn’t regenerate or even glow the way it used to.

The good news is that there is no need to feel depressed. There are many options available to us. One of the most important being SkinCARE!

Skincare has come a long way and is now firmly rooted in science. In our opinion, a good regimen includes some or all of the following depending on skin type and needs: growth factors, anti-oxidants, peptides, glycolic acid and/or retinoid. And, it is through repeated use that we begin to experience the true benefits. In general, a cream’s role is to help slow your clock of aging by helping prevent damage. In some cases it can also have corrective traits. As you age, your regimen should change to reflect your changing needs, slowly incorporating more corrective products. In most cases, the further you are along in the grand scheme of aging, a regimen alone will not be the miracle you are hoping for, it is -after all- a cream. Eventually, you will most likely reach a point where other treatments such as Botox Cosmetic®, fillers like Juvéderm™, or Ultherapy® may be needed.

We know you really don’t want to get to that point (at least not too quickly). So make sure you have a great regimen, and then make sure you apply it as directed religiously. We often see people fall off of the “skincare wagon”, but we urge you to continue the good fight.

It works. We are sure of it. We see proof of it every day.




Still not a believer? Since the summer of 2011 when we started a program called Seeing is Believing we have put over 300 people on regimens. The program includes a high tech photo analysis which we perform at baseline and at 8 and 16 weeks. It has helped our patients actually track their progress. They receive visual confirmation that through diligence they will see change. Join our seeing is believing movement this summer and you too will “See and Believe.”

Krishna Coleman & Courtney Smith

Patient Care Coordinators



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