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MiraDry® for Hyperhidrosis in Houston & Katy

Suffering from excessive sweating is no longer necessary! MiraDry® is a new treatment that uses microwave technology to reduce underarm sweating by as much as 90%. Although 1 in 5 adults suffer from this condition, also known as hyperhidrosis, it is a problem that is rarely spoken about.  If you have ever felt that you could not raise your arms with confidence or felt you had to throw away your favorite blouse because of staining, this FDA-approved, clinically-proven technology may be right for you. Effective treatment for hyperhidrosis is available in Houston and Katy from the skin specialists at Suzanne Bruce and Associates.

To find out more about MiraDry, visit us in Houston and Katy. To learn more about your hyperhidrosis symptoms and treatment alternatives, request a consultation or call our office at (713) 850-0240.

How does it work?

MiraDry uses an energy frequency called microwave. Although the energy is similar to how conventional microwaves work, the actual way the energy is applied is not. MiraDry safely directs the energy at the underarm sweat glands which then damages the glands. These damaged glands can then no longer produce sweat. Another treatment option for excessive sweating is BOTOX® Cosmetic injections, which help relax the muscles associated with sweat production.


MiraDry is a 2-step treatment process, the first will give you significant results, but by the second treatment you should see as much as an immediate 90% improvement. You may also experience a marked decrease in odor as well as some permanent hair reduction. Approximately 10 to 15% of our patients will need a third treatment to see full improvement.

The procedure does involve some discomfort, which is alleviated pre-treatment through lidocaine injections at the treatment area. Immediately post procedure you can resume daily activities, though it is recommended to keep the area well iced. Exercise can be resumed 3 days post-procedure.

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Are there any side effects?

The underarm sweat glands represent only 2% of all of your body’s sweat glands and therefore there has been a very low occurrence (1%) of increased sweating in other areas. Other side effects, which some make even consider ancillary benefits include permanent hair reduction and decreased odor. In addition, some numbness may persist for up to a week post-procedure.

How long does it last?

MiraDry is believed to have long lasting results since sweat glands are known not to regenerate throughout your life.

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