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Picturing Your Complexion

from the Spring 2011 issue

“Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?”

Have you ever wondered how your skin stacks up against others of your same age and same skin type? Well, you don’t have to resort to the tactics of the wicked queen in Snow White. Now at Suzanne Bruce and Associates you can know what condition your complexion is in and how you rank against your peers with a high-tech photograph that will help you set your skin-care priorities.

It’s called VISIA® Complexion Analysis, and it’s always one of the most popular attractions at our Annual Open House Celebration. With our new and improved VISIA, we take a high-resolution photograph of your face and it is analyzed on eight parameters: spots, wrinkles, texture, pores, ultraviolet (hidden) spots, brown spots, redness and porphyrins. Then, your specific scores are compared with others like you in the VISIA database to give an excellent reading on the current status of your skin.

VISIA is part of any initial cosmetic procedure consultation and most homecare regimen consultations, including our new Seeing Is Believing Skin Rejuvenation Program. With VISIA, our aestheticians, patient care coordinators and RNs can help you design a skin-care regimen that addresses your condition and priorities. For those who return for follow-up pictures, it gives you, and us, a chance to track your progress over time and hopefully inspire you to stick with your rejuvenation program.

If you are interested in how your skin is doing, don’t just look to the mirror for answers. Call today to make a Seeing Is Believing appointment with one of our skin-care consultants – dial (713) 850-0240 and then press 2.

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