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The Right Lotions, Potions and Serums

skinny-spring-2014By Brisa Contreras from the Spring 2014 issue

We have all purchased skincare products at some point and hoped for the best, not really knowing if they would really do what was intended or if they were even right for us. A good skincare regimen is a key part of our daily routine. The right combination of products protects our skin, and the real payoff comes from continued long-term use. Over time the benefits are preventative and restorative helping stop sun damage, improving pigmentation and blotchy skin and lessening the signs of skin aging, such as enlarged pores, fine lines and wrinkles, and dullness. To help deal with all the product confusion and avoid unnecessary expense, we came up with a program that helps tailor your regimen to suit your uniqueness AND provide efficacy at the same time. We call it Seeing Is Believing.

Seeing Is Believing is a 90-day challenge that combines products that are stronger and more effective than what you can buy over the counter with high resolution photos (VISIA®) to show the quality of your skin and progress made during those 90 days. The photo system uses 8 special filters to score the state of your skin: wrinkles, texture, pore size, spots, brown spots, underlying damage, redness, and bacteria. If you use our hand-picked products for 90 days and follow your progress with visual proof, you will create a new habit that will improve your skin long-term. We select each product based on scientific research; in addition, we have had years of seeing our patients truly benefit from products with proven active ingredients.

All of our regimens are built around a core guiding principle called G.R.A.S.S.. The acronym stands for Growth Factor (G), Retinols (R), Antioxidants (A), Specialty Products (S) and Sunscreen (S): each letter standing for an essential component of a successful regimen. By organizing our products along set categories, it is easier to build a regimen that has all the right elements for the desired outcome. In the last 3 years we have placed hundreds of people on the program with much success!

If you haven’t come in for a free Seeing Is Believing consultation, we highly recommend that you do. Just the VISIA photography alone is an incredible experience that will have you understanding the condition of your skin as you have never before. Your consultation will help you navigate the many lotions, potions and serums available and come up with the right combination for you and your skin. Schedule your consultation today with one of our skincare experts!

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