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The Run for a Reason charity program provides an avenue for race participants, individuals and organizations to collect donations on behalf of an official charity of their choice. We have a team of employees running in the Chevron Houston Marathon/Aramco Half Marathon – January 17, 2016. Help us support our team members and their “RUN FOR A REASON” as they race on behalf of Dress For Success, one of Suzanne Bruce and Associates’ favorite organizations.

Stop by the office to your raffle tickets today!

$5 for 1 Ticket(s) or $10 for 3 Ticket(s)

  • 40 units of Botox® Cosmetic ($640 Value)

  • Skin Care Bundle & Smart Profile ($700 Value)

  • 2 Syringes of Juvéderm ($1,250 Value)

  • 1 Large CoolSculpting Applicator ($1,500 Value)

$25 for 1 Ticket

  • 1 Cellfina Treatment ($5,000- Value) – WOW!

Can’t stop by the office: You can also donate to any of our runner’s individual page with a credit card or debit card, a $5, $10 or $25 donation and then email mgile@sba-skincare.com and we will enter your name into the drawing item of your choice.
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Currently Enrolling Clinical Research Trial

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Meet Our New Dermatologist: Kenne Ogunmakin, MD

We are excited to announce that dermatologist Kenne Ogunmakin, MD has joined Suzanne Bruce and Associates. She will be practicing full-time out of our Katy office in suburban Houston.

Where are you from & where did you grow up? I am Nigerian American.  I was born in Reading, England, but grew up in Sugar Land, Texas. I have spent most of my life in Houston and its surrounding areas. Though I loved my time in Lubbock during residency, I was definitely itching to come back to good ol’ Houston. What can I say? Home is where the heart is!

What is it about medicine that you love?  I love that medicine is a field with never-ending knowledge. We never stop learning. There is continuous research and development of new techniques, procedures, and treatments. I am grateful for this because I have many family members that have benefitted from this. My mother is a breast and ovarian cancer survivor, and she is fortunate to be here today because of the development of new chemotherapeutic agents. I constantly look forward to advancements in dermatologic therapies that I can use to treat my patients and improve their quality of life.

Why did you choose to go into dermatology?  I chose dermatology because it is a truly robust field. It gives me the opportunity to perform surgery and cosmetic and medical procedures and research new therapies. I love that I can play an investigative role when practicing medical dermatology. At times, skin changes may be the only manifestation of an underlying systemic disease. For instance, by taking the time to notice a subtle rash on the face, I may be able to diagnose systemic lupus, which will result in early initiation of appropriate therapy.  I am similarly passionate about cosmetic dermatology. I can minimize aging and improve dyspigmentation, body contour, and overall appearance with a combination of injectables, chemical peels and laser devices.  It is awesome just how much a patient’s self confidence and quality of life improve by these procedures! Most importantly, I truly love that I am afforded the opportunity to have continuity of care. As a general dermatologist, I am able to see patients of all ages, which allows me to care for an entire family and grow with each individual.

How would you describe your style as a doctor? I try to take my time to listen to all my patients. It is crucial for me to know my patients both personally and medically. Taking the time to understand what stressors a patient is confronted with may aid in developing a diagnosis and treatment plan.

Do you have a personal motto/mantra? Don’t take life for granted. Value those that you love.

What issues/organizations do you feel passionate about? I am passionate about treating skin of color. I am very excited about the new technologies that allow us to treat a variety of skin types safely. In the past, dermatologists faced limitations while treating darker-skinned patients with laser therapy, so I am excited that we now have many new options!

Something you LOVE TO DO…. I love traveling and spending time with my family. I have been to almost every continent, except South America and Antarctica.  Unfortunately, I don’t think I will ever be brave enough to make it to Antarctica. My twin sister, Taiye, is my best friend and I have been fortunate to have her as a companion during these journeys.

Free Skin Cancer Screening

Call 713.850.0240 to Schedule Today! Space is Limited.

Big Skin Cancer Screening with new date

Anyone can get skin cancer, regardless of skin color. It is estimated that one in five Americans will be diagnosed with skin cancer in their lifetime. Sun exposure is the most preventable risk factor for all skin cancers, including melanoma. Follow these tips from our dermatology practice in Houston, and you can have fun in the sun and decrease your risk of skin cancer.

  • Generously apply a broad-spectrum, water-resistant sunscreen with a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of 30 or more to all exposed skin. Re-apply approximately every two hours, even on cloudy days, and after swimming or sweating.
  • Wear protective clothing, such as a long-sleeved shirt, pants, a wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses, when possible.
  • Seek shade when appropriate, remembering that the sun’s rays are strongest between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. If your shadow is shorter than you are, seek shade.



Some Insight on Sun Spots

Dr Bruce SmallerLaypeople call them sun spots, but as a dermatologist in Houston, I call them actinic keratoses or AKs. AKs are dry, scaly, rough-textured patches or lesions (injured or diseased areas on the skin) that form on the outermost layer of the skin after years of exposure to ultraviolet (UV) light, such as sunlight. These crusty growths occur on the bald scalp, face, ears, lips, backs of the hands and forearms, shoulders, neck or any other areas of the body frequently exposed to the sun. These lesions (diseased areas) typically range in color from skin­toned to reddish brown and in size from that of a pinhead to larger than a quarter. AKs also appear as invisible  or  subclinical  lesions. Without treatment, AKs may develop into squamous cell carcinoma, a form of skin cancer. It is unknown which AKs will develop into cancer, so taking action to treat existing AKs and taking future sun-protective steps, such as wearing sunscreen and sun-protective clothing and broad-brimmed hats are recommended.

At our practice, we successfully treat AK’s with a variety of methods and our research division often conducts clinical trials at no cost to our participants. If you or someone you know has sun spots/AKs, please contact us at 713.850.0240 or check our currently enrolling trials.

The 14 days of February

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We’re Going Digital – At Our Galleria Office

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Feel free to call our dermatology office in Houston if you have any questions!


Meet Pedro Martinez Our Newest Aesthetician


Pedro will be at our Houston/Galleria office: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday & Select Saturdays. He will be at our Katy/Cinco Ranch office on Wednesdays.

Call Today to Schedule Your Appointment! 713.850.0240

We have welcomed Pedro to our dermatology practice, where he’ll serve both our Houston and Katy offices. Let’s get to know him:

Pedro Martinez MG Edit SmallerWHERE ARE YOU FROM?  I’m a Houston native! I grew up and still live in the southwest area of town. I love this city and appreciate its vibrancy and cultural diversity.

WHY DID YOU CHOOSE TO BECOME AN AESTHETICIAN?  I felt that this was a natural step for me given my 5-year experience here at Suzanne Bruce and Associates. Over that time I have had an opportunity to interact and help patients on their road to skin rejuvenation. Witnessing such transformations has truly motivated me to offer a “hands-on” contribution as an aesthetician.

WHAT ASPECTS DO YOU LOVE? I love technology and staying current with it. In the cosmetic industry there is always something new on the horizon. As a provider I have to stay on top of the latest and greatest so I can offer my patients the best treatments available and get the best results possible!

HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE YOUR STYLE AS AN AESTHETICIAN?I have a “listen and treat” approach. I’m a perfectionist when I treat my patients. So I take extra measures to really understand their concerns so I can be sure to always address them in the best way possible.

HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN PRACTICING AND WHERE?I have been practicing since May 2014. I studied at the Institute of Cosmetology and Esthetics in Houston. They are known for their European approach to facials and offer training in advanced procedures such as laser hair removal. Since then I have practiced under the supervision of Dr. Bruce and received detailed training in the services and procedures offered here at Suzanne Bruce and Associates. Prior to becoming an Aesthetician I was a Team Lead for the front office here. One of my responsibilities was to train front office staff members in all procedures offered at Suzanne Bruce and Associates. I guess you can say in the past few years I have unknowingly been preparing myself for my role as an aesthetician. So this has to be fate!

DO YOU HAVE A PERSONAL MOTTO?   Oh goodness, too many, but my favorite is: “Good Habits for a Great Life”. It’s something to live by.

ARE YOU ACTIVE IN THE COMMUNITY? Yes I am! I think it’s very important to be involved in the community. I volunteer for many different organizations, time permitting, but I do commit to two organizations faithfully. Every Thanksgiving morning you will find me delivering a warm meal to our wonderful elderlies through the Ho.M.E. Project (Houston Meals for the Elderly). It’s a wonderful way to say thank you and give back! I also volunteer my time with HADR (Houston Area Doberman Rescue). I adopted my precious Doberman (Zeus) from this organization four years ago. During the adoption process I was so impressed with their mission and diligence to educate and provide a better life to a misunderstood and wonderful breed. Currently Zeus and I are training to volunteer as pet therapists to help bring joy to children and adults at different facilities around town.

FINAL NOTE: I would like to thank my current patients for being so great and to all my future patients I say; welcome! I look forward to meeting you and helping you achieve your skin care goals.

Meet Our Newest Addition: Dr. Jennifer Peterson!

Dr. Peterson joined Suzanne Bruce and Associates as a dermatologist in January 2014 and has been practicing out of our Katy office outside Houston. Starting January 2015 she will be splitting her time between both offices. She will be at our Galleria location on Tuesdays and Fridays. She will remain in Katy on Mondays, Wednesdays & Thursdays.

WHERE ARE YOU FROM?  I am a native Houstonian! I grew up on the north side of town in the Champions area and then attended college at Texas A&M University in College Station.

WHY DID YOU CHOOSE TO GO INTO DERMATOLOGY?  Honestly, it is a fun specialty. There are so many features of dermatology that initially drew me in: being able to care for patients of all ages and seeing patients both in the clinic and procedural settings. Lastly, I have a history of eczema and hives, so I have experienced first hand the changes to a person’s quality of life a dermatologist can make.

WHAT ASPECTS DO YOU LOVE?  I love dermatologic cosmetic surgery and research. This passion drove me to spend an extra year of training after my dermatology residency in a cosmetic dermatologic surgery program through the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery in La Jolla, CA. It’s amazing how many advances have occurred in laser surgery over the past 5-10 years. It is an exciting time to be a dermatologist.

HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIVE YOUR STYLE AS A DOCTOR?  I enjoy providing my patients with a warm and friendly environment so that they may feel more comfortable and at ease. I also like to be on the cutting edge of new treatments and technologies. This is why I enjoy research so much. I don’t only want my patients to have new treatments available to them; I want them to have new treatments that are proven to be safe and effective.

HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN PRACTICING AND WHERE?  I finished my dermatology residency in Lubbock, Texas in 2009. Later that year I became a board certified dermatologist through the American Board of Dermatology and was privileged to be accepted in to a prestigious cosmetic surgery fellowship in La Jolla, CA.  I loved my time in La Jolla where I was able to pursue my dream of training with some of the world’s leaders in laser therapy, leg veins, injectable fillers, and liposuction, but I always knew I wanted to come back to Texas. I moved back to Houston in 2011 and have been practicing since then.  In 2012, I earned my second board certification in cosmetic dermatologic surgery through the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery.

HAVE YOU DONE ANY RESEARCH?  I have been fortunate to participate in over 25 clinical research trials on acne, rosacea, laser surgery, injectable fillers and botulinium products, liposuction, fat transfer, skin care products, and sclerotherapy. One of my favorite projects was treating patients with severe burn scars with fractionated CO2 laser assisted steroid delivery. It was so rewarding for me to be able to not only help these patients improve the texture and appearance of their scars but also improve their scar’s function giving the patients more flexibility and functionality in their daily routines.

DO YOU HAVE A PERSONAL MOTTO?  Never stop learning and do your best.

SOMETHING YOU FEEL PASSIONATE ABOUT…  I love spending time with my husband, family, friends and our two Great Danes. I practice aerial fabric where aerial acrobatics are performed while hanging from two pieces of silk fabric. And since I was a child, I have always been a huge lover of horses and dressage horseback riding.

Dr. Peterson is now accepting cosmetic and medical appointment at our Katy/Cinco Ranch location to schedule call 713.850.0240

Numbing News at SBA


Do you numb for a procedure  at our office? Please read the following information regarding our numbing process.


Due to a change in FDA guidelines, effective December 1, we will no longer be able to provide topical anesthetic in the manner that we have in the past.

We ARE continuing to offer L.M.X.4® (4% lidocaine) at $39 per 15-gram tube and $59 per 30-gram tube.  We have also added Pliaglis® Cream (7% lidocaine/7% tetracaine) for topical anesthetic purposes for our various dermatology procedures in Houston and Katy.  The Pliaglis will be available at $35 per application for your convenience.  These two options are adequate to assure patient comfort for most of the procedures we do.

For those desiring a more potent topical anesthetic, we can write a prescription for you to fill at a compounding pharmacy.

Please ask your provider or anyone on our team if you need more information.

Thank you for understanding.

-Suzanne Bruce and Associates

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