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Smooth, clear skin is often overlooked unless you're the one without it. As adolescents progress from puberty to young adulthood, acne is one of the most common concerns they have about their skin. Quite a few adults are bothered by acne as well. This red, bumpy skin condition can make you feel self-conscious or embarrassed, and can even lead to unsightly scarring if left untreated. Fortunately, many excellent acne treatment alternatives are available in Houston, Texas, at SBA Dermatology & Plastic Surgery.

Understanding this Condition

Acne commonly affects people once they enter puberty as production of the androgen increases, resulting in more oil production in the skin. Acne develops when oil (sebaceous) glands around the hair follicles become plugged. Bacteria grow in the trapped oil and irritate the glands, causing redness, pain, and swelling. While acne commonly appears on the face, it can also develop on the neck, chest, shoulders, and back.

Acne symptoms can range from mild (where there are periodic outbreaks of individual pimples) to severe (where areas are continually swollen and deep cysts develop).

Acne Treatments

We offer a variety of treatments to address the full spectrum of acne symptoms. When you meet with one of our practitioners, she will determine which treatment is best suited to your needs, which could include one or a combination of the following:

  • Topical therapies, oral antibiotics, and oral contraceptives (for women) can effectively treat acne.
  • Light treatments, such as Omnilux™ and photodynamic therapy
  • Specialized facials
  • Isotretinoin (originally branded as Accutane®)
  • Laser treatments, such as Fraxel® and CoolTouch®

When it comes to treating your skin, it's important to choose a specialist who knows the skin inside and out. To find out more about your acne treatment options, schedule an appointment to meet with one of our board-certified dermatologists or other experienced practitioners by calling our office at 713-850-0240.