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Ear Surgery


Ears that appear to protrude and stick out, are asymmetrical or misshapen, or look oversized can affect your self-esteem. Ear surgery is a cosmetic procedure that helps to correct the shape, size, and position of the ears to result in a natural appearance. Houston, TX plastic surgeon Dr. Ryan Couvillion is skilled and experienced in the performance of cosmetic ear surgery and is equipped to help patients restore their self-confidence. No matter the physical irregularity, otoplasty at SBA Dermatology allows a patient to proudly show their face at any angle. If you are worried about the size or shape of your ears, schedule an appointment with Dr. Couvillion to learn more about otoplasty.


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Otoplasty can be performed at any age. If you are self-conscious about the look and shape of your ears because they are misshapen or protrude outward, otoplasty can help attain a normal appearance. Sufferers of a torn or damaged earlobe may also be a candidate for cosmetic ear surgery. During a consultation at our Houston facility, Dr. Couvillion will assess your ears and ask about your ultimate aesthetic goals to determine how best to help you meet them.


Otoplasty is performed using general anesthesia or IV sedation. For many patients, the incision is placed behind the ear or within the inner ear. During this procedure, cartilage will be reshaped to create an improved contour. It is common for each ear to be addressed during treatment to make sure they appear even. After this, the incisions are closed with sutures and carefully bandaged so they stay protected.


When the procedure is over and you are released to leave the hospital, you will recover at home. Dr. Couvillion will provide instructions for recovery. It's very important to not touch or scratch the ears. In addition, you should not lay on the ears, and instead, sleep upright for a few days. Dr. Couvillion typically likes to see his otoplasty patients back within a week — at this time, he will be able to remove the wrappings and assess your surgical results. The outcomes can be seen right away, and the progression of results will continue to improve as the ears heal.


How much does ear surgery cost?

The cost of ear surgery will be based on what's being done (ear pinning, shaping, earlobe repair, or a combination of these). Once Dr. Couvillion understands your personal aesthetic goals, he will go over your treatment plan and estimated expenses. In order to concentrate on getting the outcomes that you want rather than prices, SBA Dermatology takes several payment methods and a member of our team is able to help you obtain low-interest medical financing.

Will the results of ear surgery last?

Dr. Couvillion will assess the ears and then talk to you about what to expect and how long the outcomes should last. While the rest of the body and face can change dramatically from gravity and age, the impact on the ears should be minimal. In the event there are significant modifications to your ears because of an injury, another surgery may be done.

Do I need to have both ears done or just one?

Many issues, such as ears that are too large or stick out, occur in both ears, which means both will need to be corrected. During ear surgery, Dr. Couvillion will adjust both ears to make them as symmetrical as possible. However, if just one ear has to be altered, the shape and size will be adjusted to mirror the untreated ear. When he creates your surgical plan, Dr. Couvillion will tell you if one or both ears need to be corrected.

What about fixing stretched or torn earlobes?

The trend of large earrings and ear gauges are making earlobe reconstruction a popular operation at SBA Dermatology. If you're considering getting earlobe repair, schedule an appointment with Dr. Couvillion. He will analyze your ear and then let you know what may be done in order to repair your earlobes.


Even though the ears are not the largest part of the body, the wrong shape, size, or position may make a noticeable difference in your appearance. Ear surgery may help you if you've always felt self-conscious about your ears. Call SBA Dermatology in Houston, TX to schedule a consultation with plastic surgeon Dr. Ryan Couvillion and get more information about surgical ear reshaping. Our team looks forward to helping you achieve a look you will love, as well as the confidence to show it off.

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