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Light Therapy FAQ: How Light Makes Right

Light therapy

Light is essential to plants and animals. Photo receptor cells in our retinas interact with incoming light to produce vision. Ultraviolet B light from the sun strikes our skin and causes 7-dehydrocholesterol to be converted to Vitamin D3. Plants use light energy from the sun for photosynthesis. No doubt, light is responsible for a lot of our day-to-day existence and…

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The Ultimate Guide To Rosacea

Women With Rosacea

What Is Rosacea?  Rosacea is a skin condition that affects men and women, usually diagnosed in adulthood. It can more commonly affect lighter skin tones, but patients with skin of color are also affected. Symptoms can include: skin sensitivity, facial redness, dilated blood vessels, easy flushing/blushing, pimple-like spots, eye sensitivity, and skin thickening – but this last symptom is rare. …

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Get Rid of Cellulite With These 6 Treatment Options

Cellulite In Women

Do you have stubborn cellulite that just won’t go away? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. While living with cellulite can be annoying, there are treatment options available to help you get rid of your cellulite and achieve your best skin yet. Therefore, we have gathered some important information on what cellulite is, how it’s formed, plus treatment options all in…

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How Secret RF Has Changed The Way I Treat Acne Scars

Woman with acne scars

Acne, in itself, can affect a person’s self-esteem and emotional well-being.  But what happens after the acne clears and leaves behind scars, then what?  As a dermatology nurse practitioner, I often find myself having to counsel and convince most of my middle to late adolescent patients of the importance of treating acne sooner rather than later to prevent acne scarring…

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My CoolTone Story

by Dr. Suzanne Bruce Shortly before the pandemic hit, our office got the just-introduced CoolTone™, the muscle toning device from the ever popular CoolSculpting®.  From the moment I heard about this device, I knew I wanted to be first in line to get the treatment. CoolSculpting continues to be a hit, people love it for its targeted 30-minute fat freezing…

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Top 4 Dermatologist Recommended Treatments For Psoriasis

Top 4 Dermatologist Recommended Treatments For Psoriasis

By Dr. David Powell Psoriasis is a common condition in the US with nearly 3 million cases annually. If you are wondering if you may be one of those, the first sign would be a rash on the skin. That rash can grow larger and develop scaly dry skin on top, especially when left untreated. This common disease varies significantly…

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The Benefits of Combining Ultherapy and Fillers

Youthful Middle Aged Woman

As a cosmetic Nurse Practitioner in Dermatology, I get the question asked all the time by my patients: What would be better for me to look more rejuvenated Ultherapy or injectable fillers? I more often than not answer them with: Why not both! As an Ultherapy specialist and a trained and experienced injector, I have seen how these two different…

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Cosmetic Dermatology Procedures in Houston, TX

By: Suzanne Bruce, MD We have just introduced a new botulinum toxin named Jeuveau™. It was approved by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) to improve the look of moderate to severe frown lines between the eyebrows – what are known as the glabellar lines – for a period of time. Along with a select group of dermatologists and plastic…

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