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Anyone can get that Loving Glow with a little help from us!

Advanced Cosmetic Treatments in Houston, TX

Whether you are getting ready for a date with the love of your life or a single ladies night out, where you might bump into your dream crush: you want your skin to be flawless and glowing. We have some great, fast and affordable solutions for a range of issues:

Smooth Skin, easy peasy! – Start 1 week ahead of the big day.
If you are having rough textured skin and your makeup just isn’t getting that smooth finish then a microdermabrasion a week prior will exfoliate away those dead skin cells and leave you with soft kissable skin.

Acne, no problem! – Start 2 weeks ahead of the big day.
If your concerns are acne start about 2 weeks ahead of time with a light Illuminize chemical peel to clear up your breakout. The peel works by clearing away the top layer of skin and debris, thereby giving your skin the ability to get a breath of fresh air it needs! Appointment only lasts 15 minutes and can easily be combined with a microdermabrasion or extractions to help maximize results. If you are interested in an add-on let our schedulers know when you make your appointment so they can block off the time we will need to get you tip top!

Glow brighter than a lightbulb? – Start anytime before!
And if you just need that show stopping glow then a Hydrafacial a few days prior is the way to go! It can be customized for anti-aging, brightening, and/or acne. The combination of alpha-hydroxy acids, glycolic acid, and antioxidants will leave you with a fresh dewy finish in 6 easy steps performed in 30min.

DON’T forget the home skincare routine. – Anytime!
In combination with excellent skin care to use at home you will be ready to leave a lasting impression! Come in visit us in the spa for a consultation and we will help you navigate all the skincare available to you and help you get the right combination to suit your unique needs. Plus you can purchase with confidence, knowing that our products are hand picked based on scientifically proven ingredients and results.

SAVE with Beauty Rewards
Our spa specializes in medically proven and scientifically driven treatments. Maria Antesoda, Maria Martinez, and Myself in the Galleria, have had extensive training and experience with the treatments we offer and many different skin types. Furthermore, as part of a fully functioning cosmetic and medical practice, our doctors are on site every day! We are fully invested in making your skin look and feel its healthiest. To help our patients achieve awesome and long-lasting beautiful skin we created the Beauty Rewards Program. The program is designed to help our busy patients get the treatments they need on a regular basis for the best skin of their lives. Your first treatment is at full price, but as long as you come in every 4 weeks afterward you can enjoy special loyalty pricing for any of the treatments listed above as well as some others (see full list here)! No membership fees are required. All you have to do is come back in before the 4 weeks run out. I certainly understand how hard it is to keep track of all the things, events and activities in our lives, and that’s why I always recommend scheduling your next appointment before you leave, that way you won’t miss out on the exclusive pricing.

About Clarisse Clements
Clarisse has been a practicing licensed aesthetician since 2005. Prior to working as an aesthetician in the spa, she was a Mohs Surgery Coordinator and a medical assistant. Our aestheticians specialize in medically proven spa treatments that help clear up acne, improve texture, pore size and wrinkles and have extensive experience and advanced training in body sculpting techniques. Clarisse has received continuing education and training in skin-care products, and med-spa procedures and patient relations. She has attended CoolSculpting university for advanced sculpting training and has extensive knowledge on combining different body procedures to achieve ideal slimming and tightening outcomes. She is a member of the Dermatology Nurse’s Association and Society of Dermatology Skincare Specialists.

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