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April 4th is National Vitamin C Day, so it is the perfect time to highlight our favorite vitamin C products!

First let’s discuss why we need to use a topical antioxidant like vitamin C. Our skin is constantly exposed to environmental insults; the most prominent of which is ultraviolet radiation from the sun. Other factors that play a lesser role in damaging the skin are cigarette smoke, infrared radiation, visible light, diesel fuel exhaust and ozone. We can wear clothing, hats and sunscreen to help protect us from the sun but in addition we can strengthen the skin’s natural, built-in antioxidant defense mechanisms by using topical vitamin C products.

The leader in vitamin C research is SkinCeutcials. Its patented vitamin C serums, CE Ferulic and Phloretin CF, are backed by 16 clinical studies, over 30 years of research, and 60+ beauty awards. In addition to correcting visible signs of aging like fine lines and uneven skin tone, the vitamin C serums help prevent the occurrence of future skin damage. The CE Ferulic serum has also been proven in clinical trials to speed healing after in-office laser and microneedling treatments.

Three of our other favorite vitamin C products are SkinBetter Science’s Alto Defense Serum, Revision Skincare’s C+ Correcting Complex Serum 30% and SkinMedica’s TNS Essential Serum. All three contain tetrahexyldreyldecyl (THD) ascorbate, one of the most potent and stable forms of vitamin C. Because THD ascorbate is fat soluble, it is able to penetrate the skin better. Another important factor is to make sure the product does not come in contact with air since that causes it to oxidize and lose potency. All three of these products come in airless pump bottles to maintain the potency of the vitamin C. 

Some forms of vitamin C can be irritating to the skin, but all of the vitamin C products we carry are well tolerated so that even patients with rosacea and sensitive skin can use them.

In addition to recommending that all our patients use sunscreen daily, we recommend that a vitamin C-containing product should also be part of your regimen to help prevent as well as treat sun damage. So, add one of these products to your daily routine by purchasing on our Online Store at  In honor of National Vitamin C Day, we’re offering 20% OFF this weekend only (April 4th-5th). We’ll ship to you on Monday!  

Need a complete skincare refresh?  We are offering in-depth, complimentary virtual skincare consultations with our aesthetic consultants.  To schedule, please call our office at 713.850.0240.

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