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We were recently standing around the proverbial water cooler and a colleague was telling us about a waxing studio that had opened in her area. She had gone with her sister to go check it out and had found it completely packed with people coming and going every few minutes. We often see these places being talked about in online mommy forums, and as aestheticians working in a cosmetic dermatology practice, we can’t help but wonder if people know about the wonders of laser hair removal. Sure, it’s not the perfect solution for everyone. Specifically, light hair can’t benefit from this miracle cure, but for the majority of skin colors and hair tones, it not only saves you money, it saves you time and effort!

So many women and men go monthly to these waxing places for YEARS thinking they are saving money and that laser hair removal is too expensive. When in reality, if they added up all their time and the financial investment, they would have been better off with laser hair treatments. Laser Hair Removal can remove nearly all of the hair in the targeted area in 8 or less treatments, that’s at least 4 less treatments than monthly waxing for a year. Oh, and did I mention it’s semi-permanent! You won’t have to come back the next year 2 or beyond for a full series. Instead, at some point, you might feel like you need a maintenance treatment or two, to get you back on track.

So how does this compare price wise in the short-term? Out of curiosity we went to one of these places to pick up their rate card, and found that, yes, laser hair removal can be more expensive (especially for the larger areas). However, if you do the math and multiply out the years of waxing vs. one laser hair removal package, and some maintenance treatments over the same time frame, then laser hair removal is truly a steal! It just makes financial and practical sense.

The technology has been around for nearly 10 years and it does truly yield results. The laser works by targeting the pigment in the hair follicle; thereby stopping the follicles ability to produce new hairs. No more waking up and feeling furry. No worrying about rusted razors in the shower, or picking your outfit based on the last time you waxed or shaved. The treatments are very tolerable: some patients even choose to do it without numbing. Moreover, you can treat pretty much any area on your face or body.

Come in and see us to find out if this treatment is right for you. We have had extensive training and, unlike some med spas, we have doctors on premises every day because your comfort and safety is our priority. This month take advantage of some pretty awesome pricing with 20% off of our regular prices.

Looking forward to zapping you!