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Do you numb for a dermatology procedure at our Houston office? Please read the following information regarding our new numbing process.

REQUIRED CHANGE IN OUR PROCESS: Due to a change in FDA guidelines, effective December 1, we will no longer be able to provide topical anesthetic in the manner that we have in the past.

We ARE continuing to offer L.M.X.4® (4% lidocaine) at $39 per 15-gram tube and $59 per 30-gram tube.  We have also added Pliaglis® Cream (7% lidocaine/7% tetracaine) for topical anesthetic purposes for various procedures in Houston.  The Pliaglis will be available at $35 per application for your convenience.  These two options are adequate to assure patient comfort for most of the procedures we do.

For those desiring a more potent topical anesthetic, we can write a prescription for you to fill at a compounding pharmacy.

Please ask your provider or anyone on our team if you need more information.