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BOTOX may be the most popular aesthetic treatment in the world, but with all that fame and popularity comes some inevitable misconceptions in media reports and online forums. BOTOX patients at our Houston practice come to us wanting to sort out the truth from the hearsay, and we always do our best to dispel the myths.

We hear these three in particular quite a bit.

Myth 1: Anyone can perform prescription wrinkle injections.

Not true at all — and the difference is in the results. The choice of an experienced injector with the proper training is vital to get the best possible outcome.

What’s the best way to ensure an injector is qualified? Start by narrowing your search to a practice where aestheticians are supervised by board-certified dermatologists. At our med spa, each of our aestheticians has been personally trained by one of our dermatologists. BOTOX injections require precision because they target tiny muscles around the eyes to reduce wrinkling in a way that looks natural.

Which brings us to myth number 2…

Myth 2: I’ll end up with a “frozen” appearance.

This myth emerged not long after BOTOX began being used for cosmetic purposes. Injectors without the proper training or qualifications may have used too much of the drug, and patients looked like they couldn’t change facial expressions or always appeared surprised.

When used properly, BOTOX and Dysport® — a similar wrinkle-reducing injectable treatment — minimize crow’s feet at the corners of the eyes, vertical “worry” lines between the eyes, and horizontal forehead wrinkles. The results typically last about 3 to 4 months.

Myth 3: BOTOX is only used to reduce wrinkles.

It’s true that it’s primarily for wrinkle reduction, but the versatility of BOTOX is pretty amazing. It’s been approved by the FDA for multiple uses that extend well beyond cosmetic improvements.

One of the most welcome uses for BOTOX is as a treatment for people who suffer severe migraine headaches. Migraine patients who respond well to BOTOX injections may even be good candidates for a surgical procedure that can produce long-lasting relief. BOTOX is also used as a minimally invasive treatment to reduce excessive underarm sweating — a condition called hyperhidrosis that we also treat using miraDry®.

The benefits of BOTOX treatments for these conditions is similar to wrinkle reduction: Patients notice the results almost immediately, and there’s virtually no downtime.