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How Often Do You Really Need BOTOX®?

BOTOX® Cosmetic in Houston, TX

It’s a question we get asked frequently: How often does the average patient really need BOTOX? Our dermatologists in Houston know that there’s a different answer for every patient depending on his or her own unique goals and facial anatomy. And it’s not the only wrinkle treatment we offer.

Before we start stating exact figures, it’s important that we remind you that BOTOX isn’t the only option for reducing lines and improving your skin. Although its effectiveness and ease of application make it popular, other nonsurgical procedures can enhance and prolong the results of BOTOX, reducing the number of office visits you’ll need.

Each person’s skin ages at a different rate and in different ways, and at Suzanne Bruce and Associates, we enjoy the process of tailoring your care to your specific needs. To refine and prolong your results, we often recommend combining BOTOX with procedures such as fillers, laser treatments, and other nonsurgical options.

If you do decide on repeat BOTOX treatments, we want to make it easy to look your best. We offer an incentive program that gives our patients a discount for coming back every 4 months — no enrollment necessary. You can start at $16 per unit and then get $14 per unit if you come back every 4 months at our Galleria location. Start at $14 per unit and then pay $13 per unit on your next visit within 4 months.

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