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Too Much, Not Enough, or “Just Right”: Planning Your Injectable Visit

When it comes to injectable treatments, many patients of our dermatologists in Houston express concerns about not getting enough to last — or getting too much. Under-treating an area simply results in unsatisfactory results, and many patients may feel as if they haven’t “gotten their money’s worth.” On the other hand, over treatment can create an overfilled, unnatural appearance that can take a while to wear off.

If you’re planning your first (or just your next) filler treatment, these tips might help you get the ideal result you’re envisioning.

Bring in a photo. Not just any photo, though. Choose a past photo of yourself — say, one that’s 10 or 15 years old. As injectors, it’s a big help to see the shape of your younger face, including where it used to accumulate volume and softness. This helps us administer products strategically, creating results that keep you looking like you — only younger.

Do your research. It’s vitally important to choose a highly qualified injector with a solid, established reputation. At Suzanne Bruce & Associates, each of our physicians is board-certified and boasts an excellent track record when it comes to injectable fillers. Our Nurse Practicioner and Physician Assistant have over 10 years experience each! We’ve been in the business of aesthetics for more than 20 years and are one of the top BOTOX® Cosmetic and filler facilities in the county. Our providers regularly undergo continuing education with world renowned injectors to keep their skills fresh. Experience counts!

 Come in with an open mind. Dermal fillers can address many different areas of the face and neck. Here, it’s important to trust in the guidance of your injector. While you may be thinking of solving a problem you’re seeing by adding volume to the cheeks, for example, your injector may decide that filling in hollowness under the eyes will be a better way to achieve your desired effect.

Overall, keep in mind that dermal fillers are very versatile, and a trained eye can see the most effective path to the best possible result. That’s exactly what we offer. If you’re ready for a consultation, please begin by contacting us online. You may also give us a call at (713) 850-0240.

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