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The Ultimate Fashion Accessory…

Dermatologist in Houston, TX

By: Dr. Leigh Ellen Eubanks

…Are a sleek pair of summer ready legs. As we age, our legs feel the brunt of all the standing, dancing, walking we ever did, and little blue and purple webs start forming under the skin. Although perfect for Halloween, it’s not something that looks particularly great with our favorite summer shorts. Luckily, it’s not something we have to live with or “put up” with. Spider veins are easily treatable!

The winter is the perfect time to start thinking about getting those legs ready with Sclerotherapy using Asclera®. You must wear support hose after your sclerotherapy treatment, and it’s really too hot in Houston to do this in the summertime.

The perfect time to start is right now. Most patients require three to five, short 30 – 45minute treatments (depending on severity and quantity), spaced about four to six weeks apart, meaning that most patients need several months before they get to see their best results.

Starting this fall or winter will mean that you will be ready for shorts and summer dress season right on time! The sessions are relatively easy and although your legs may look a little worse initially, before you know it, sleek, rejuvenated legs will greet you when take off your support hose for good.

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