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Dermatologist Offers Innovative Treatments for Excessive Sweating

Dr. Suzanne Bruce, a board-certified dermatologist in Houston, is helping patients overcome excessive sweating with treatments such as BOTOX® and miraDry®.

Houston, Texas (July 2012) – Hyperhidrosis, or excessive armpit sweating, affects 1 in 5 people, says Dr. Suzanne Bruce, a dermatologist in Houston.

The condition, which can also affect the palms of the hands and the soles of the feet, can be a source of discomfort and embarrassment.

“Perspiring is a perfectly natural bodily function,” Dr. Bruce says. “However, people with overactive sweat glands will sweat at levels that are disproportionate to their body’s normal need to maintain a healthy temperature.”

The resulting underarm staining is what often brings patients to Dr. Bruce and her associates for treatment. Currently, her practice offers two highly effective treatments. One of those is a temporary solution, which typically requires two to three sessions a year with BOTOX in Houston.

“BOTOX actually relaxes the muscles that help produce sweat in the same way it relaxes facial muscles to alleviate wrinkles,” she says.

“People often see hyperhidrosis as a medical condition, but we can treat it cosmetically,” says Dr. Syed Ali, a dermatologist at Dr. Bruce’s skin care practice in Houston. “A BOTOX injection can reduce our patients’ sweating for up to 6 months.”

A second and longer lasting option available at Suzanne Bruce and Associates, and one of only about 40 practices nationwide, is the miraDry® method. Houston hyperhidrosis sufferers can attain relief from excessive sweating from this newly developed and innovative treatment.

“The miraDry system uses microwave energy, essentially the same frequency as the waves in a conventional microwave oven, but it’s completely safe,” says Dr. Holly Singletary, another dermatologist at Dr. Bruce’s practice. “The energy targets the patient’s underarm sweat glands and causes them to stop producing sweat. Since sweat glands are known not to regenerate over time, it is widely accepted that the results will be long lasting.”

Dr. Singletary notes that patients should expect to visit the practice at least twice for miraDry treatments, sometimes you may even need a third treatment. After the second treatment, patients usually see about 90% less underarm sweat, as well as a likely decrease in odor, she says.

“I’ve been impressed with the long-term results I’ve seen among our hyperhidrosis patients who have tried one or both of our treatment methods,” says April Harrison, a physician assistant at Suzanne Bruce and Associates. “BOTOX is a very effective and easy method. MiraDry is showing lasting results since the body’s sweat glands do not regenerate. Another huge benefit is that over the long-term, miraDry® can also save you money.”

To learn more about the cosmetic dermatology procedures available at our Houston practice, request a consultation online, or call our office at (713) 850-0240.

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