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If you’ve spent any time researching dermatologists in Houston for a dermal filler procedure, you may get the sense that these products are only for people “of a certain age.” But fillers are actually quite versatile, even for people in their 20s. Here’s a decade-by-decade breakdown of exactly how these products can help you put your best face forward. 

20s and 30s

People in this age bracket aren’t likely to be bothered too much by wrinkles or other signs of aging, but that doesn’t mean fillers can’t be helpful. Hyaluronic acid-based fillers are great for adding a touch of volume to thin or uneven lips, creating a picture-perfect pout that you can enjoy for months. In some cases, fillers can also be used for a “nonsurgical nose job,” evening out humps and bringing the nose into harmony with the rest of the face.

40s and 50s

Fillers are most popular with men and women in this age group because they fill in the fine lines and wrinkles that form around the nose and mouth. Made of soft, smooth gel, they create natural-looking results that can endure for months. The newest additions to our filler lineup, Restylane® Refyne and Restylane Defyne, new hyaluronic acid-based fillers formulated with proprietary technology. Intended specifically for moderate to severe lines around the nose and mouth, both Refyne and Defyne smooth away wrinkles without sacrificing your ability to make your normal facial expressions.

60s and Beyond

Older patients can also benefit from fillers, especially when it comes to adding some youthful volume to the cheeks, under the eyes, and other areas of the face that appear “sunken.” As we age, fat and other tissue succumb to gravity, resulting in a sagging or gaunt appearance. This restored volume can often last for more than a year.

Also Available: KYBELLA® for Double Chins

Although it’s not a filler, another injectable product, KYBELLA, is available to patients of all ages who are bothered by unwanted chin fat. It works by breaking up the fat just beneath the skin to reduce the appearance of a double chin — complementing the results of other fillers and creating a more refined profile.