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Late summer weddings, family reunions, even a European vacation. You’ll want to look your best and may be thinking about getting a little help. Unfortunately, for the best and most natural results, we recommend planning ahead since certain treatments only produce results gradually. Furthermore, you’ll also want to spend time researching cosmetic dermatologists in the Houston area, so that you find a partner that shares your vision on this journey.

When patients come to our practice saying they’re prepping for a specific event or time of year, such as the holidays, our dermatologists, aestheticians and aesthetic specialists work with patients to create a timeline detailing when popular treatments should be scheduled.

In this post, I’ll provide a rough guide to help guide when to start looking for your dermatology partner, what type of treatments are available and how long in advance you should start scheduling.

4 months to go

Ultherapy, the non-surgical lift everyone is raving about! Because this treatment uses ultrasound to nonsurgically tighten skin, it can take a bit of time to see final results. Ultherapy does produce some immediate results, but the treatment’s full effects emerge over the course of a few months. The procedure uses targeted ultrasound energy to stimulate the creation of new collagen, which helps tighten and lift skin.

Laser hair removal is not immediate! Permanent hair reduction requires multiple treatments because the laser only targets hair follicles during their active growth phase. Since treatment sessions need to be at least a month apart, it’s best to plan them in advance to ensure you get the full results you want before an event. Although you can start 4 months in advance and have good results, best results can require between 6 and 8 visits.

1 month to go

Rejuvenate quickly with Dermal fillers! Even though fillers, such as JUVÉDERM® or Restylane®, can provide immediate results, allowing a few extra weeks ensures that there’s time to see the final results and let the inflammation come down. You may also want to either get a touch-up treatment or reverse the results (in the case of hyaluronic acid fillers), if desired. Fillers are a popular treatment for patients who want fuller lips, or to smooth wrinkles and enhance the contours of the cheek, chin, or jaw.

Stop sweating with miraDry®! Excessive underarm sweating can be quite embarrassing in a social setting, yet many people who suffer from this condition aren’t aware that there’s an effective treatment available. miraDry’s clinically proven technology — approved by the FDA — destroys the underarm sweat glands. It’s a noninvasive procedure that gets immediate results with minimal downtime. Depending on the severity of underarm sweating some patients need 2 or 3 treatments to get the desired results and will require people to start treatment earlier or continue after the event.

These are many more options to satisfy your needs at our office, from Body Sculpting to laser skin resurfacing of brown spots and pigmentation. These are just a few of the procedures you may want to include in your treatment plan. The first step to creating a plan just for you is by scheduling a free consultation to discuss your options and timeline with a board-certified dermatologist.